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Focus and expertise

Thanks to our focus on the utility market and processes, UCON can bring you the needed expertise in utility data management, process optimization, and free market (MIG) data exchange.


SAP consultancy:

  • Data exchange with clearing house (MIG/Atrias)
  • Energy data management: meter reading, profile management, smart metering
  • Billing: setup of the pricing and tariff structure to bill meter readings ¬†and services.
  • Invoicing: create and visualize (paper, email, Certipost/Zoomit, webportal & apps) invoices
  • Financial accounting: integration into FI an FI/CO, Asset Management.
  • Logistic integration: link with Plant Maintenance (PLM), Material Management and Sales & Distribution (SCM)
  • Project management for SAP/IT projects.

UCON executes both project and maintenance (changes/incidents) assignments, and consultants cover as well the functional as technical aspects.