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Our offer

IT consulting services:
As experienced SAP consulting company, UCON delivers the needed consulting competences for several scenarios:

  • Projects: functional and technical expertise
  • Proof of concept: design, build and test of a limited set of functionalities, but with fast response and low budget
  • Audits and 2the opinion
  • SPOT consulting helping you to tackle very specific problems.
  • Maintenance: handling of incidents or changes


Business consulting, project management, training, testing, managed staffing or service:

  • UCON business consultants help you to describe and analyze the impact of new processes, propose solutions, define new architecture and communicate this within your organization.
  • UCON delivers certified project managers with specific utility experience. These resources help you guide your project within the predefined boundaries of time, scope and budget.
  • UCON will define, organize and execute training-sessions, within a project-scope, or in the context of a running, operational organization.

UCON resources have experience in defining and executing utility specific test scenarios. We help you to test your system and functionalities before rolling it out into your organization.